Importance of a Tension Square

We've all done it, we've found a pattern that we love and want to get on with it. We start it, get to the end, try it on and it either swamps us or looks like it's shrunk in the wash! That's why a tension square is so important before we make it. Take the time - just make a square a little larger than 10cm square using the pattern, mark out 10cm across and down - I use pins. Then measure it. If the number of stitches and rows is less than what is given on the pattern, you need to try a smaller hook. But if there are more stitches and rows you need to try a larger hook. You may need to try different hooks to get it right. It's more important to get the stitches right because you can easily adjust the rows. I know we just want to get on with it - I do, but this really is worth doing - it's much quicker to do it rather than make the whole garment and then having to start again.


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